The Big Sky Visitors’ Center get all sorts of questions, like from a gentleman who marched in our doors demanding to know, “Where is Bob Munden?”

As the well-versed, professional travel counselors we are, we responded, “WHO??”

The morning turned into a delightful chapter out of a Sherlock Holmes’ mystery.  After a quick Google, turns out that Bob Munden, from Butte, Montana, is in the Guinness Book of Records as the Fastest Gun In The West!

Since he was a teenager, Bob Munden had been setting world Fast Draw records and accomplishing amazing shooting feats for audiences worldwide.

Bob was featured on Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots .  Of all the special shooting he had done for television, the shot people comment about the most is when he hit a 14″x 24″ steel, rectangle target 200 yards away 4 times in a row using a stock, iron-sighted (no scope) Smith & Wesson Model 60, .38-caliber, double-action revolver with a 2″ barrel. Or… perhaps it is the shot where he opened a safety pin with a bullet, using a 1911.  Bob was known to be “faster than a rattlesnake.”

To answer our visitor’s inquiry, Mr. Munden passed away in 2012.  His legend lives on locally at the Zero In Indoor Shooting Center at Gallatin Gateway.  Thanks to their dedicated staff, our visitor not only found mutual sharp shooting aficionados, but news about Bob Munden’s lifestyle and hobbies.

Ah – mystery solved!