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Big Sky Resort | Photo: D. Lennon

Start The Countdown To Winter In Big Sky, Montana!

Are you ready for winter? We’ve been excited for winter since Big Sky’s closing day in April 2017. Now that it’s officially Fall in Big Sky Country, we can start the countdown to winter in Big Sky, Montana. Woohoo! Now if you’re a true summer fanatic, it’s easy to be a bit reluctant to embrace the countdown to winter in Big Sky. Summer’s great and no one’s denying that, but winter in Big Sky is something special. Maybe you need a reminder of how fun and exciting winter in Big Sky really is? Check out this highlight reel of the 2016/2017… READ MORE

Avalanche In Beehive Basin | Photo: D. Lennon

Take An Avalanche Course In SW Montana In 2017/2018

Skiers, snowboarders, snowmobilers, snowshoers, ice climbers, fat bikers, and cross country skiers love to play in the mountains of SW Montana. During the winter months, Big Sky Country provides outdoor enthusiasts with one of the coolest mountain playgrounds in the entire world. If you plan to enjoy it, please do so safely. When you choose to recreate in the backcountry during the winter, you are responsible for your own actions. The proper knowledge, skills, and experience can help you stay safe and avoid hazards while having fun in avalanche terrain. Besides investing in the proper gear, reading the Gallatin National… READ MORE

Aerial Photo Of Big Sky | Photo: Arts Council of Big Sky

7 Winter Backcountry Adventures In Big Sky That Everyone Will Enjoy

When you’re in Big Sky, Montana, you’re going to want to go outside and play. Our mountain town is surrounded by inspiring peaks and endless adventure. We highly encourage everyone to explore Big Sky’s backyard. Just beware that winter backcountry adventures in Big Sky can become addicting. 9 Reasons To Visit Yellowstone National Park In Winter When you head into the mountains of Big Sky Country, you’ll be blown away by the fresh air, stunning views, pollution-free skies, and the sound of nature. That’s what our little corner of the world is all about. The entire backcountry experience is mind blowing… READ MORE

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3 Things Everyone Needs To Do This Winter In Big Sky

Winter in Big Sky is prime time to get outdoors and get after it. At the same time, it’s also easy to hunker down and lay low. Regardless of how you spend the winter in Big Sky, there are a few things that everyone who lives here or visits here needs to do. Everyone needs to these 3 things this winter in Big Sky: 1. Snowmobile Through Yellowstone National Park There is something magically unique about venturing into Yellowstone National Park in winter. Hopping on a sled in West Yellowstone and cruising the snow covered roads of the Park is an… READ MORE

Making Turns! | Pixabay Image

7 Fun Family Friendly Winter Activities In Big Sky, Montana

Big Sky, Montana is one of the top trips for families during the winter season. When you combine the friendly people, the laid back atmosphere, the lack of crowds, and the abundance of family friendly activities in Big Sky, it’s easy to see why this place is the ultimate family destination all year long. Where Is Big Sky, Montana? Once you visit Big Sky, it’s hard to go anywhere else. There’s something special about this mountain town. Book a trip here and you’ll understand what we mean. When you come to Big Sky, it’s going to be one of the… READ MORE

Winter Hiking | Photo: Glenniss Indreland

5 Popular Trails For Winter Hiking In Big Sky, Montana

Do you love winter? Are you a fan of the great outdoors? It’s time to book a trip to Big Sky, Montana. Big Sky is the perfect destination for every winter enthusiast. While Big Sky might be most famous for skiing and snowmobiling, the winter hiking in Big Sky is also world class. In fact, hiking is one of the best ways to explore Big Sky, Montana all year long. Where To Go Snowshoeing In Big Sky, Montana Big Sky is tucked into the middle of the mighty Madison Range and offers endless hiking opportunities. The sprawling Gallatin Range sits… READ MORE

Cross Country Skiing In Big Sky, Montana | Photo: Lone Mountain Ranch

Cross Country Skiing Tips For Beginners

What do you know about cross country skiing? Cross country skiing is one of the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors and stay fit during the snowy months. If you’re new to the sport, get ready to have a blast sliding around on snow with your friends, your dog,  or just by yourself. With anything new, there is always lots to learn. In this post, we’re going to start with the very basics and then give you a few tips that will help you get started. Finally we’ll tell you the very best place to learn properly – and it’s right… READ MORE

Winter Sleigh Ride | Photo: Lone Mountain Ranch

Enjoy A Sleigh Ride Dinner In Big Sky, Montana

Are you looking to do something truly magical? Why not book a sleigh ride dinner in Big Sky, Montana? It’s an authentic Western experience that the whole family will enjoy. What could be more fun than climbing into a trusty sleigh and letting real horse power pull you through a winter wonderland? As you snuggle up in a warm blanket with your family and friends, a team of horses transports you along snow covered trails through pristine Montana forests. Your destination is a campsite, yurt, or cabin in a pristine natural setting where you’ll enjoy a delicious meal that may… READ MORE

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How To Prevent Frostbite When It’s Really, Really Cold Outside

Every winter there are a few cold snaps that cause the temperatures to plummet. When it’s bitterly cold and sub-zero temps set in, it can be hard to motivate to go outside to ski, hike, or even walk the dogs. If you want to play in the great outdoors despite the cold weather, you need to know how to prevent frostbite. 9 Tips For Staying Warm When It’s Cold Outside Frostbite is cold injury that is caused by exposure to cold. It causes your body tissues to freeze. It typically affects your fingers, toes, hands, cheeks, ears, nose, and other extremities. In severely… READ MORE

Winter Driving | Pixabay Image

The Things You Need In Your Winter Survival Kit For Your Car

Winter lasts a long time in Big Sky Country. As winter sets in and the snow starts to stack up, the roads of Montana can become hazardous. If you have an unexpected emergency, you’re going to want to have a winter survival kit for your car. In SW Montana, there are huge stretches of road that travel through remote mountains where you cannot rely on cell phone service. When the temps drop and the roads get slick, accidents can happen. Whether you run off the road during a blizzard, break down on a snowy forest service road, run into a… READ MORE