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Finally, the sun is shining – locals and visitors are venturing out on foot, with bikes, on horses and with kayaks or fly rods!  The mountains beckon after the spring snow melt.  Here are some the Big Sky Visitors Center’s favorite adventures: Top ‘O The World Hike –Named one of the world’s greatest hikes for the stunning alpine terrain with lakes and towering peaks on a 6.6-mile loop. Enjoy views of Lone Peak and the Lee Metcalf Wilderness from several points throughout the hike, stopping for the best view of the Peaks and Wilderness at the alpine lake at the… READ MORE

Fly Fishing On The Gallatin | 320 Ranch Photo

4 Types Of Fish You Can Catch In The Gallatin River

Montana is a world-class destination for fly fishing. People travel from near and far to fish the blue ribbon waters of Big Sky Country. One of the most recognizable stretches of fly fishing water is the Gallatin River right near Big Sky, Montana. Whether you’re a fly fishing rookie or a seasoned expert, fly fishing on the Gallatin River is an experience of a lifetime. According to Gallatin River Guides, “the fish populations hover around 2,500 to 3,000 fish per mile” in the 40 mile stretch of the Gallatin from Spanish Creek to Yellowstone National Park. Prime time for this… READ MORE

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The Rivers Of Big Sky Country Are World Class

When you stand at the top of Lone Mountain in Big Sky, Montana it feels like you’re standing amongst a sea of mountains. Each year these endless mountain ranges get covered in a beautiful blanket of snow. As the snow begins to melt in the Spring and Summer, it flows downhill into creeks and streams until the runoff meets the mighty rivers of Big Sky Country. Where Is Big Sky, Montana? Southwest Montana is home to an intricate network of wild rivers that flow out of the vast mountain ranges and ultimately into the Missouri and onwards to the Mississippi… READ MORE

Winter Fly Fishing | Photo: Gallatin River Guides

Are You Ready For Winter Fly Fishing On The Gallatin River?

Many people believe that fly fishing is only a summer activity, but they’re wrong. In Big Sky, Montana, you can fly fish all year long. Grab your gear, hire a guide, and go winter fly fishing on the Gallatin River.  It’s a wild experience that everyone needs to try – just be  aware that you might get hooked. 15 Things You Need To Do In Big Sky This Winter Whether you’re looking for a way to rest your legs after a week of skiing at Big Sky Resort or Lone Mountain Ranch or you want to enjoy the calming effects… READ MORE

Big Sky, Montana on the Go

What Are Your Favorite Big Sky Apps?

Smartphones have changed the way that we live our lives.  Our smartphones do a lot more than just make phone calls these days. There is an endless selection of apps available for download with just the tap of a button.  Whatever you’re looking for,  there’s probably an app for that. Most people always keep their smartphone within easy reach. These technology toys provide instant access to endless amounts of information. We rely on them for everything from making dinner reservations to navigating through the mountains. Apps make our lives better by enhancing our experiences. Did you know that there are lots of Big Sky apps that… READ MORE

Beehive Lake and Spanish Lakes | Photo:

Where To Go Backcountry Fishing In Alpine Lakes Near Big Sky

Backcountry fishing in alpine lakes near Big Sky is a truly unique experience. Grabbing your gear and hoofing it down the trail deep into the wild mountains that surround Big Sky is an adventure that everyone will enjoy. Picture having a pristine, crystal clear alpine lake all to yourself. It’s just you and Mother Nature. Cutthroats, grayling, and rainbows are rising to the surface regularly leaving ripples along the perfect, glass like surface. The towering peaks and stunning alpine cirques make for a setting straight out of National Geographic. Before you drop your line in the water you have to pinch yourself to… READ MORE

Mountain Biking In Big Sky | Photo: Grizzly Outfitters

Find The Gear You Need At The Best Outdoor Shops In Big Sky

What are you up to today? Fishing? Hiking? Skiing? Snowshoeing? Climbing? Biking? Cross country skiing? Trail running? You’re going to have a blast. Do a quick check and make sure you have everything you need before you hit the trail or catch the lift. If you need any gear or clothing at all, stop by one of the best outdoor shops in Big Sky. Having the right stuff will help you enjoy this outdoor paradise in a whole new way. No matter what you’re doing in the great outdoors these shops have you covered. Need a custom footbed for your… READ MORE

Big Sky’s Best Kept Secret: Summer

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Big Sky, Montana? If you’re like many people, you probably immediately picture Lone Mountain covered in a blanket of white snow, zero lift lines, and ski runs all to yourself. Winter in Big Sky often get’s all the credit, but that’s okay because summer is Big Sky’s Best Kept Secret. Summer in Big Sky is absolutely awesome. It’s not too hot, the days are long, and the great outdoors hosts a lifetime of fun activities. Add in the fact that it feels like you have the entire place to yourself… READ MORE

Brown Trout on Madison | Visit Big Sky

6 Tips For Successful Catch and Release Fishing

It’s always fishing season here in Big Sky, Montana. Home to some of the world’s best trout waters, Big Sky is on every fly fisherman’s bucket list. Come and enjoy the pristine waters and healthy trout populations of southwest Montana, but be sure to preserve these magical places for everyone else too. One way to help conserve Montana’s natural ecosystems and healthy trout population is to practice catch and release fishing. Catch and release fishing is the act of catching a fish by traditional means and then safely releasing it back into the river or lake where you caught it.… READ MORE

Big Sky | Photo D. Lennon

13 Free Things To Do In Big Sky This Summer

Will you visit Big Sky this summer? We hope so. It’s one of the best places to spend your summer holidays because there are so many things to do. In fact, Big Sky easily offers a lifetime (or two) of cool things to do – and many of those things are totally FREE! Yes you read that right. There are plenty of FREE things to do in Big Sky this summer. That’s what is so great about our little outdoor paradise. Big Sky is surrounded by open land that beckons people to get outdoors and explore. It’s kind of like… READ MORE