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MountainFilm On Tour in big Sky

MountainFilm In Big Sky Is Coming To Lone Peak Cinema On 9/24/2016

Free up your schedule and mark your calendars because the Telluride MountainFilm On Tour is coming to Big Sky, Montana on September 24, 2016 between 6 and 10 PM. This one night film festival will be the first event of its kind in Big Sky and it’s super exciting. MountainFilm On Tour is a inspirational and education collection of mountain-centric films that the Big Sky audience is going to love. It is being presented by Grizzly Outfitters and brought to you by Gallatin River Task Force and The Arts Council of Big Sky. The film festival will be hosted at… READ MORE

pokemon in big sky

Big Sky’s Got Pokémania! Are You Ready To Play Pokémon Go In Big Sky?

Can You Catch All The Pokémon In Big Sky? Do you play Pokémon Go? Developed by Nintendo and Niantic Labs, Pokémon Go is a location-based augmented reality game that anyone can play for free on their iOS or Android smartphone device. Based on cute virtual characters from the 1990’s, Pokémon Go utilizes your smartphone’s GPS and screen to help you locate, capture, battle, and train over 150 different Pokémon characters in real world locations. The goal of the game is to catch all of the Pokémon. And guess what? There are lots of Pokémon in Big Sky, Montana! Just download the… READ MORE

Aerial Photo Of Big Sky | Photo: Arts Council of Big Sky

Where To Find Jobs in Big Sky, Montana

Looking for a job in Big Sky? Hopefully the information in this post will help to point you in the right direction. Did you know that there are over 400 businesses that are members of the Big Sky Chamber of Commerce? That’s a lot of employers that might want to hire you. No matter what type of skill set you have, there’s probably a job for you here. Everyone wants to work, live, and play in Big Sky, Montana. And who can blame them? This mountain town is a growing community of like minded folks who love the great outdoors.… READ MORE

Mountain Biking In Big Sky | Photo: Grizzly Outfitters

Find The Gear You Need At The Best Outdoor Shops In Big Sky

What are you up to today? Fishing? Hiking? Skiing? Snowshoeing? Climbing? Biking? Cross country skiing? Trail running? You’re going to have a blast. Do a quick check and make sure you have everything you need before you hit the trail or catch the lift. If you need any gear or clothing at all, stop by one of the best outdoor shops in Big Sky. Having the right stuff will help you enjoy this outdoor paradise in a whole new way. No matter what you’re doing in the great outdoors these shops have you covered. Need a custom footbed for your… READ MORE

UIery's Lake Trail | Photo: D. Lennon

5 Kid Friendly Hikes In Big Sky

Kids love Big Sky. Everywhere you look there are towering mountains, wild animals, thick forests, crazy plants, flowing rivers, fascinating rocks, and other natural wonders. For a wide-eyed kid it’s like exploring another planet! There’s nothing better than hitting the trail and exploring Big Sky Country on a beautiful summer day with your family. Go for a hike and bring  your kiddos. They’ll love it. Discover some of our favorite kid friendly hikes in Big Sky: Ousel Falls – The Ousel Falls Trail is Big Sky’s most popular hike. Located just outside of Town Center, this well maintained trail is perfect for… READ MORE

Big Sky | Photo D. Lennon

What’s The Distance From Big Sky To…?

You’ll never get bored in Big Sky, Montana. It’s easy to spend the day hiking, biking, rafting, skiing, going on Yellowstone National Park tours, or doing just about anything in our big outdoor playground. When  planning your next adventure you’ll need to figure out how long it take to get from Big Sky to your favorite destination. Well this post is designed to help you answer the classic question: What’s the distance from Big Sky to (Fill In The Blank)? We hear this question a lot so we thought we’d try to help you figure out the distance and length of time it takes… READ MORE

The Spanish Peaks and the Tram | Photo: D. Lennon

Want The Best View In Big Sky? Book A Trip On The Lone Peak Expedition At Big Sky Resort Today.

If you’re looking to do something extraordinary while you’re in Big Sky, Montana put the Lone Peak Expedition at the top of your list. There are plenty of mountains to climb in Big Sky, but perhaps the best way to get a bird’s eye view of Big Sky is by booking a trip on the Lone Peak Expedition. The Lone Peak Expedition is a 2.5 hour adventure to the top of Lone Mountain at 11,166′. The panoramic views from Montana’s highest scenic overlook will blow your mind. And the great thing about the Lone Peak Expedition is that you don’t even… READ MORE

Lone Mountain at Big Sky Resort | Photo by D. Lennon

Who Is Chet Huntley?

Most people know Chester Robert “Chet” Huntley for his 14-year role on NBC’s flagship evening news program, The Huntley-Brinkley Report. As a newscaster from 1956 to 1970, Chet was a recognizable face and reliable source of information for all Americans. But what many may not realize is that Chet Huntley was instrumental in making Big Sky, Montana what it is today. When Huntley’s last episode of The Huntley-Brinkley Report aired on July 31, 1970 he returned to his home state of Montana. While in Montana, he focused his energy on creating a ski resort at the base of Lone Mountain… READ MORE

Spot The Wildflowers Of Big Sky Country On Your Next Hike

Big Sky, Montana is home to an abundance of native wildflowers. Make it a point to venture into the scenic meadows and vast alpine basins of Big Sky’s backyard when you’re in town to experience a wonderful kaleidoscope of colorful natural beauty. Wildflowers are flowers that grow naturally in Big Sky’s mountain environment. A quick bike or hike into the mountains of Big Sky and you’ll spot all sorts of colorful wildflowers along the side of the trail.  Bring your camera because the wildflowers of Big Sky usually hit full bloom in late spring and  summer. Beautiful wildflowers literally dot the… READ MORE

Biking In Big Sky | Photo: Eric Morrison

Discover The Health Benefits Of Being Outside In Nature

Did you know that trip to Big Sky, Montana will make you healthier, improve your mental mindset, increase your focus, help you relax, and allow you to age gracefully? It’s true. The more time you spend in nature, the better. The great outdoors can have amazing health benefits. The benefits of being outside in nature are impressive. Spend more time in the great outdoors and it can change your entire world. Don’t believe us? Come to Big Sky and find out for yourself. Big Sky is an outdoor paradise. Hiking, biking, skiing, climbing, golfing, rafting, horseback riding, camping, fly fishing, and other outdoor… READ MORE