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Thanksgiving Traditions from Our Home to Yours

‘Twas the Night before Thanksgiving… It was the night before Thanksgiving and all through Big Sky; not a creature was stirring not even the elk. Boys and Girls all through the meadow were gathering up their Ski Gear. While visions of fresh powder days, and blue bird skies danced all through their heads. Thanksgiving in Big Sky, Montana is a unique experience that offers the residents of Big Sky a different set of traditions that is customary to other snow filled areas around the U.S. The Chamber of Commerce and Visit Big Sky share just how uniquely they celebrate thanksgiving… READ MORE

Who was Chet Huntley: The Founding Father of Big Sky

Plenty of guests to the Big Sky Resort stay at the Huntley Lodge or take turns down Tippy’s Tumble, but few may be aware of the namesake behind them. Chet Huntley and his wife, Tippy, founded the Big Sky Resort in the winter of 1974. Huntley is best known for his role on the NBC flagship evening news program “The Huntley-Brinkley Report,” which ran from 1956 – 1970. Chet Huntley met David Brinkley during the National Republican Convention in the summer of 1956 and their coverage of the event gained quite a favorable audience response. From there, NBC decided to… READ MORE

National Cheese Pizza Day

With the Labor Day Holiday in our rearview, it’s time to look forward to the next holiday worth celebrating. Luckily for us, that day is today! September 5th is National Cheese Pizza Day and that is surely a day that anyone can rally around. Big Sky is the happy home of multiple establishments that can fill this festive need. Take the tour de Pizza with a stop at Ousel and Spur, Milkies,  Blue Moon Bakery or head up the mountain to Pizza Works for Delivery at Adiamos at the Big Sky Resort to try out their cheesy selections. If you’re… READ MORE

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Tap Into Social Media To Connect To The Big Sky Community

Social media is changing the way that we communicate with the world. It’s easier than ever to grab your smartphone, twiddle your thumbs, and let the world know what you’re up too. Billions of people around the world are on social media and the chances are pretty good that you are too. Whether you’re posting your coolest ski photos on Instagram, changing your relationship status on Facebook, or tweeting your thoughts about climate change on Twitter, social media is a fantastic communication tool to stay connected with your friends, family, and community. If you’re on social media, you might as well… READ MORE

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The Big Sky Visitor Center Welcomes You To Big Sky, Montana!

Want to learn more about Big Sky? Looking for local businesses? Have questions about what to do in Big Sky Country? Need directions around town? Stop by the Big Sky Visitor Center and ask the smiling faces of the crew that works there. They’re keen to help you and want to give you a big, friendly welcome to Big Sky, Montana. The Big Sky Chamber of Commerce and the Big Sky Visitor Center share the building located at the intersection of US Highway 191 and Lone Mountain Trail (MT Highway 64). The building literally sits across the street from the… READ MORE

Upper Beehive Basin

11 Things To Do On A Rainy Day In Big Sky

The weather changes quickly in the mountain environment. When in Big Sky, Montana, it’s best to always be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. Luckily, there are plenty of things to do on a rainy day in Big Sky. According to, Big Sky’s average annual precipitation/rainfall is only 20.23 inches. The rainiest months are typically May and June. It’s always possible to get a rainy day or a snowy day any month of the year, so always check the weather and watch out for lightning! The #1 rule about a rainy day in Big Sky is that you can’t let a… READ MORE

Big Sky As Seen From Yellow Mountain | Photo: D. Lennon

Where To Find Housing In Big Sky

Winter is just around the corner and that means the population in Big Sky is about to boom for the season. As this influx of excited and enthusiastic seasonal workers, skiers, and riders begin to arrive, it means that housing is in demand. Housing issues plague ever ski town. As Big Sky continues to get bigger and better, finding housing in Big Sky is quickly becoming a headache. Pick up the local paper or ask anyone in town about housing and everyone agrees that it is an issue that must be addressed. There’s a lot of demand and not too much supply,… READ MORE

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13 Things You Need To Buy Before Ski Season

It’s only October, but winter seems to be here already. Take a look up at the high country and you’ll see a healthy blanket of snow covering the peaks. Tune in to social media and it looks like mid-winter already! Ski season is almost here. Big Sky Resort starts spinning lifts on Thanksgiving Day aka Thursday, November 24, 2016. It’s time to start thinking about skiing. During this slower shoulder season, it’s the ideal time to get in shape for ski season, but it’s also time to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy a day on the… READ MORE

Find Faith In Big Sky, Montana

Big Sky, Montana is a place where you can disconnect with the “real” world and reconnect with your spirituality. With mountains in every direction, it’s easy to find yourself in the natural cathedral of Big Sky Country. Often things just seem to make more sense when you’re in the mountains. Or if you’d prefer to follow your faith in a more traditional setting, Big Sky’s got options for you to choose from. If you want to find faith in Big Sky, you have several houses of worship to choose from: Soldiers Chapel – Highway 191 Soldiers Chapel is an interdenominational chapel… READ MORE

Powder Skiing Off Of Lone Peak Tram | Photo: D. Lennon

What 2016/2017 Big Sky Resort Ski Pass Is Best For You?

With the recent snowfall, everyone is starting to think about winter. There are less than 50 days to go until opening day. If you haven’t already, now is the time to start thinking about ski gear and ski passes. But what Big Sky Resort Ski Pass is best for you? When you live in or visit a world class ski destination like Big Sky, it’s highly likely that you’re going to want to go skiing as much as possible. This might even be the year you ski over 140 days! In order to ride the lifts, access the trails, and find the powder stashes, you’re going to need… READ MORE