Big Sky


A Bit of Yellowstone’s Native History

During June this year, the Big Sky Visitor’s Center greeted almost 1,000 visitors, guests from Alaska to Florida, India, Romania, China and beyond.  Like most of the locals, folks come for Montana’s natural beauty and adventure, but the tradition of exploring our region spans back millennia. Archaeologists have found evidence of humans occupying the Greater Yellowstone area 11,000 years ago in the form of tools and bones. Excitingly, the discovery of bows and arrows, sheep traps and bison corrals from approximately 3,000 years provide a more in-depth understanding of ancient communities.  At least 26 Native American tribes have historic connections… READ MORE

Big Sky Thundershowers

In Big Sky, it’s a normal afternoon to feel the wind pick up and see the sky deepen to gray.  This is followed by a short, sometimes drenching, rain usually between 2:00-5:00 pm. (Especially on Farmer’s Market Wednesdays… how is that?) Afternoon showers are routine until the snow has completely melted off the peaks, according to cowboy lore.  The day will start with deep, royal blue skies and a few puffy cumulus clouds.  By mid-day, a darker hue of grey quietly sneaks up over the horizon, followed by an ominous darker wall of atmospheric tumult.  A low rumble of thunder… READ MORE


Finally, the sun is shining – locals and visitors are venturing out on foot, with bikes, on horses and with kayaks or fly rods!  The mountains beckon after the spring snow melt.  Here are some the Big Sky Visitors Center’s favorite adventures: Top ‘O The World Hike –Named one of the world’s greatest hikes for the stunning alpine terrain with lakes and towering peaks on a 6.6-mile loop. Enjoy views of Lone Peak and the Lee Metcalf Wilderness from several points throughout the hike, stopping for the best view of the Peaks and Wilderness at the alpine lake at the… READ MORE

Independence Day & Historic Crail Ranch

Guest Blogger – Anne Marie Mistretta, author of Images of America: Montana Series|Historic Crail Ranch Conservators On this Independence Day, the saga of Frank Crail teaches us a lesson about the value of our country. When Crail emigrated from Indiana to Montana, the State of Montana had yet to be minted.  Our country was not quite 100 years old and had recently emerged from a bitter Civil War.  In the midst of that deadly conflict, the 37th Congress in 1862, comprised solely of Union state representation, passed legislation that would have a tremendous impact on both the country and Frank Crail:  the… READ MORE

Hiking Boots or Running Shoes?

Summer is just about here!  Finally, it’s time cabin fever breaks into the great outdoors and, as my neighbor says, “Just put your shoes on!”. One of my favorite activities is exploring around Porcupine Creek in the Gallatin National Forest.  The trailhead is less than 5 minutes from the Big Sky Visitor Center, just 2.7 miles south on Highway 191.  The beauty of Porcupine Creek is that it offers trails for all levels of walkers, hikers and runners. It is dog-friendly year-round and horse & mountain bike friendly after June 15th.  My dilemma, however, is which footwear to choose? Okay,… READ MORE

Winter Essentials Packing List

With all the snow coming down and being the best conditions in the Rockies at the moment you are no doubt scrambling to get up and enjoy all that Big Sky has to offer. In that rush it might be easy to forget all the essentials, but here are a few things to remember when venturing into the snow packed gateway. Snow Gear: A hearty set of gloves. Whether you are just cleaning off your car or shredding down the mountain a good set of gloves is essential to have a wonderful stay in Big Sky. Be sure you have… READ MORE

Getting Engaged in Big Sky

The sparkling new snow Big Sky received recently isn’t the only thing glistening around here lately. With no lack of stunning vistas, Big Sky has long been known as the perfect place to pop the big question in a big way. According to Wedding Wire, nearly 1 in 5 engagements happen in December, more than in any other month. With many families gathering to spend their holidays together while enjoying the outdoor recreation Big Sky is best known for, it’s the perfect time for any couple to say “yes” to forever. When considering asking the question, consider some of the… READ MORE

Top 5 Instagram Worthy Spots in Big Sky

People come from all over the world to enjoy the plentiful year-round outdoor adventure and thrills found in Big Sky. In today’s digitally connected society, an important part of any trip is sharing your adventures with friends and family back home. We’ve compiled a list of the top five Instagram-worthy locations in Big Sky that are likely to make them envious of your travels.                  The Top of Lone Mountain – Ride the tram at Big Sky Resort in summer or winter and take in the magnificent views. On a clear day you can see the iconic Teton Range,… READ MORE

What’s On Our Skiing Playlist

What’s on your Winter Sport Playlist? With a mid-mountain base of 26” and an upper-mountain base of 39” and more powder on the way, it is shaping to be an incredible weekend of shredding. With all that adventure waiting to be had, Visit Big Sky can’t help but wonder what are you listening to this ski season? Through a process of powerful deduction, a sophisticated algorithm and hot debate, below is the perfect mix for a weekend of shredding the gnar at Big Sky Resort. “Snow (Hey Oh)” by Red Hot Chili Peppers “Riptide” FlicFlac Remix, (original by Vance Joy)… READ MORE

Winter Safety Tips

With Big Sky Resort opening more and more terrain for the season, winter is officially here! It’s easy to head out in to the winter wonderland with nothing but excitement but its important to have safety in mind as well. Here are some winter safety tips to make sure any visitor or local has a safe a wonderful winter here in Big Sky.   While Adventuring Stay dry. There is nothing more important than avoiding hypothermia. Wet clothes lose all insulating value and transmit the cold rapidly. Layer your outfits while hiking, skiing or general exploring so that you can… READ MORE